New Releases: Zoe Sparks, You’re ‘Famous’ to Us.

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Zoe Sparks sings “all my friends are famous and it’s like I never existed” in her newest single “Famous” available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

It’s mid-January of the New Year and “Famous” has entered our lives at the right time. Any goals can seem impossible when everyone around you may be hitting theirs at a different rate. Funnily enough, it’s hard to care about what you haven’t accomplished when listening to “Famous”. Sparks’ upbeat voice, the horns, the overall 2000s pop Mean-Girls-burn-book visuals of the collage cover (created by Ulysses Media) make this feel like the kind of song you sing when you’re secretly happy to be going on your own path. You know, like a song two confused, creative 20-something-year old’s would belt out in a movie scene, embracing the chaos.

Zoe Sparks does it again since “All the Things You’re Not”, maybe this time reflecting on all the things she feels she’s not. We know what Sparks is though and that’s a bass playing, trumpet track loving, master of upbeat songs. No matter how many “record deals and fancy wheels” Sparks will encounter along the way, it’s her authentic lyrics and genuine voice that truly make her a star.

Photography by: Ulysses Media

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